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Václav Havel: The Pig and Ela, Hela and the Hitch

  • Where: Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00
  • When: January 22, 2018, 19:00 – 21:00

On how a playwright has desperately searched for a pig for a pig-killing and how old ladies hitch rides.

Vinoř reads Havel, with the Divadlo Prima den theatre having prepared a staged reading of these entertaining “trifles”. The members of the theatre have invited friends from their part of Prague, giving rise to an enjoyable and essentially neighbourly event. Havel can also be read like this – at home in the kitchen or in the neighbours’ garden.

Readers and actors: David Smoljak, Robert Rytina, Markéta Kilingerová, Barbora Marysková

Also featuring: Václava Zahradníčková, Jana Bačová-Kroftová


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Letters to Olga – essays written in prison, letter

„So-called contradictions between different schools of thought do not bother me in the least, and it doesn’t seem at all perverse to conduct oneself quite “situationally” in that regard. If a certain term, or terminology or theory seems apt in a given situation or context, I have no compunctions whatsoever about exploiting it to the full ( and I don’t mind if it makes me seem like an epigone). At the same time, however, I don’t feel the least bit bound by any “allegiance”.“

Václav Havel:
Letters to Olga – essays written in prison, letter, May 1, 1981

Daniel Cohn-Bendit à Bibliothèque Vaclav HavelThe Faces of Resistance