PHOTO: Lubomír Kotek: This was Husákland  20/11/16

Evening with the photographer Lubomír Kotek, who documented everyday life through the sacred symbols of the Communist regime, as well as capturing everyday reality on shabby streets, on gloomy squares, in school classrooms, at compulsory public meetings, at military reviews and also in private. More


PHOTO: Theatre on the Balustrades in the Absurd Times of an Absurdist Theatre  20/11/16

Veterans of the golden age of Divadlo Na zábradlí (Theatre on the Balustrade) in the 1960s will discuss how Jan Grossman presented the greats of absurdist drama to Prague audiences and how he and Václav Havel created their own variation on that form of theatre. Evening hosted by Anna Freimanová. More


PHOTO: Salon Dürrenmatt  16/11/16

It is 26 years since Václav Havel met Friedrich Dürrenmatt and this evening recalled Dürrenmatt, one of the greatest Swiss novelists of the last century. Alongside a documentary film on his work and an on-stage debate on his influence on Czechoslovakia at that time, there was also be a rendering of Dürrenmatt’s famous speech Switzerland – A Prison, which he delivered on the occasion of the presentation of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize to Václav Havel. More


PHOTO: Meeting with Madeleine Albright  12/11/16

Madeleine Albright discussed the presidential elections, this time those in the US, with Michael Žantovský. More


PHOTO: Czechoslovak Exile Media: Between Reality, Propaganda and Myth  04/11/16

During the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia, the exile media created a specific milieu. A reaction to the difficulty of critical discussion, it contributed to the continuity of independent Czechoslovak journalism and also strove to bring about the end of repression in the homeland. The transformation of the exile media sphere after August 1968 was discussed by former exile journalists Lída Rakušanová and Petr Brod and media historian Petr Orság, who has thoroughly explored the subject in his new book Mezi realitou, propagandou a mýty: Československá exilová média v západní Evropě v letech 1968–1989 (Between Reality, Propaganda and Myth: Czechoslovak Exile Media in Western Europe, 1968–1969), which was issued this year by publishers Lidové noviny. More



08/12/16 19:00

Band: The Background to the Operation that Produced Charter 77 Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

1976. Amid the harsh normalisation regime dozens of rock music fans, independent artists and members of the “unwholesome youth” are arrested. Václav Havel, Jiří Němec and other dissidents organise support in their defence. And Charter 77 is born. More

Havel—Prigov and czech experimental poetry