PHOTO: Without František Janouch Even the Sea Doesn’t Slosh  25/09/16

Bez Františka Janoucha ani moře nešplouchá (Without František Janouch Even the Sea Doesn’t Slosh) is the title of a new book, subtitled Mozaika výpovědi svědků jednoho neobyčejného života (A Mosaic of Testimonies of Witnesses to One Extraordinary Life), presented at the Václav Havel Library on the occasion of the 85th birthday of František Janouch. More


PHOTO: Zafer Senocak: Between Two Worlds  24/09/16

Zafer Senocak is a renowned German poet of Turkish origin whose creative language also straddles two worlds. In his essays and media work he explores the situation of several generations of migrants living in Europe and the concepts of home and borders. More


PHOTO: Václav Benda – Politician  24/09/16

Evening dedicated to what would have been the 70th birthday of Václav Benda, a Catholic, right-wing politician, Charter 77 spokesman and founder and first chairman of the Christian Democratic Party. More


PHOTO: Whose Media, Whose Interests? Ownership, Public Sphere and Online Space  18/09/16

The aim of the conference was to critically reflect upon some of the main issues which currently surround debates about the performance of media in the Czech Republic and Central Europe in general, namely the changing models of media ownership, the independence of public service broadcasting, as well as the spreading of disinformation and propaganda via the social network sites. More


PHOTO: Evenings with Polish Reporters IV: Romanies, or Gypsies?  16/09/16

In post-communist countries the Romany minority face constant discrimination and social exclusion. At the same time they are divided by disputes over their own identity, their traditional culture is subject to external interference and an educated Romany elite is only slowly emerging. The situation of the Roma in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and other European countries discussed by reporter Lidia Ostałowska and journalist and Roma Studies expert Saša Uhlová. More



27/09/16 19:00

Andrej “Bandy” Šoltes: My Uzzhorod Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

The Ukrainian writer Andrej Šoltes introduces his home city, whose history is bound to the fate of several generations of his ancestors who – though they never left Uzzhorod – were citizens of five different states. They survived WWII, endured prison and the camps as Soviet citizens and would rather not discuss the past… More

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