PHOTO: Guardian of Memory  17/01/17

Evening dedicated to Alexander Balogh’s biography of Ján Langoš, Strážca pamäti (Guardian of Memory). Michael Žantovský chaired a discussion with the author and Gabriela Langošová. More


PHOTO: The Surreal Heart of Putin’s Russia: Is the West Destined to Be Seduced By It  20/12/16

Debate with the leading British expert on Russian propaganda and Russian-born journalist Peter Pomerantsev on his book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. More


PHOTO: Poet Refugee – Refugee Poet  20/12/16

Reading and debate with Adin Ljuca. The Bosnian poet, prose author and translator has to date published the poetry collection Hidžra (Hegira) (1996) and a suite of short stories, Vytetované obrazy (Tattooed Pictures) (2005), whose dominant theme is refugeehood. More


PHOTO: Understanding Havel  18/12/16

Václav Havel as a playwright, dissident, politician, prisoner, president… Michael Žantovský spoke with David S. Danaher and Kieran Williams, two US Czech Studies experts who have authored new monographs on Havel. More


PHOTO: Baby Jesus with Krchovský  12/12/16

Unique appearance by poet J.H. Krchovský. A poetic evening full of Christmas motifs specially put together for the Václav Havel Library. More



23/01/17 19:00

On Being a Journalist in China Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

For several decades, China has had a very low ranking in press freedom surveys. How did Czech journalists manage to work in a country where such strong censorship is in place? How did they come to terms with the Chinese ideology? More

Havel—Prigov and czech experimental poetry