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Time for European Politics (29. 5. 2015) Part 3/6

VÁCLAV HAVEL EUROPEAN DIALOGUES 2015 2nd PRAGUE CONFERENCE Time for Europeans Politics Friday 29 May 2015 17.25–19.00 Panel 3: Can Europe Still Stick to its Values? Chaired by Tony Curzon Price (London) Panelists: Petr Pithart (Prague) Pavel Barsa (Prague) Ian Traynor (Brussels) Moritz Hartmann (Berlin)

Letter to Gustáv Husák – samizdat essay

„The Czechs and Slovaks, like any other nation, harbour within themselves simultaneously the most disparate potentialities. We have had, still have, and will continue to have our heroes, and equally, our informers and traitors.“

Václav Havel:
Letter to Gustáv Husák – samizdat essay, April 8, 1975

What Price Human Rights?