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Discussion about Human Rights in China with David Kilgour and Ethan Gutmann (26. 2. 2015)

Two renowned specialists on human rights in China were debate in English with the moderator Kateřina Šafaříková, mainly about the theme of human organ harvesting. David Kilgour: Former Canadian Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific who was awarded the 2009 Human Rights Prize by the International Society of Human Rights for his comprehensive investigation in this field, as well as being nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Ethan Gutmann: Award-winning research journalist and author who testified before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs and recently published “The Slaughter” based on his research on forced organ harvesting in China. In cooperation with the organisation Lidská práva bez hranic (Human Rights without Borders).

Letters to Olga – essays written in prison, letter

„I am a child of the age of conceptual, rather than mystical, thought and therefore my god as well – if I am compelled to speak of him (which I do very unwillingly) – must appear as something terribly abstract, vague and unattractive. But it appears so only to someone I try to tell about him – the experience itself is quite vivid, intimate and particular, perhaps (…) more lively than for someone whose “normal” God is provided with all the appropriate attributes (which oddly enough can alienate more often than drawing one closer). And something else that is typical of my god: he is a master of waiting, and in doing so he frequently unnerves me. It is as though he set up various possibilities around me and then waited silently to see what I would do. (…) His Last Judgment is taking place now, continuously, always – and yet it is always the last: nothing that has happened can ever un-happen, everything remains in the “memory of Being” – and I too remain there – condemned to be with myself till the end of time – just as I am and just as I make myself.“

Václav Havel:
Letters to Olga – essays written in prison, letter, August 7, 1980

Daniel Cohn-Bendit à Bibliothèque Vaclav HavelThe Faces of Resistance