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FORUM 2000 and the Václav Havel Library present:

  • Where: Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00
  • When: October 10, 2017, 15:00 – 20:30

15.00 – 16.30
Is the CR focused toward the West, or toward the East? Internal Politics, International Orientation, Economy, Media

In some sections of society in the Czech Republic, there is a growing inclination toward the Russian and Chinese authoritarian regimes, while mistrust of classic liberal democracy and scepticism toward traditional politics is also on the rise. Efforts have been made to oligarchise politics and to bring together political, economic and media power. Can this explosive mixture threaten the democratic foundation of the Czech Republic? And if so, how can it be withstood?

19.00 – 20.30
Media and Politics: Who Controls Whom?

Alongside the executive, legislative and judicial powers, the media is usually regarded as the fourth estate in society. Is that still the case? How has the situation changed since influential business-political groups started buying up media outlets? And does public service media have a chance of maintaining its independence and critical distance?

Guests: Hana Marvanová, lawyer, Svobodu médiím!, Adam Černý, chairman, Czech Syndicate of Journalists, Martin Vadas, former editor-in-chief, Czech Television, chairman, FITES, Jan Payne, neurologist, university teacher, Svobodu médiím! Moderator: Daniel Raus, journalist, writer.

The event is being held in cooperation with Svobodu médiím!, a platform advocating media independence and plurality.


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Letter to Gustáv Husák – samizdat essay

„The overall question, then, is this: What profound intellectual and moral impotence will the nation suffer tomorrow, following the castration of its culture today? I fear that the baneful effects on society will outlast by many years the particular political interests that gave rise to them. So much more guilty, in the eyes of history, are those who have sacrificed the country’s spiritual future for the sake of their present power interests.“

Václav Havel:
Letter to Gustáv Husák – samizdat essay, April 8, 1975

The unbearable lightness of evilVáclav Havel’s Prague