PHOTO: Pavel Havel: Rr  06/05/16

A trrragicomedy on the desirrre of Rrrobert Chrrroust, who strrruggled to prrronounce his r’s, to become an actorrr. Authorrrs Pavel Kohout and Václav Havel completed the play in 1973 and it was perrrformed just once, at a meeting of the banned wrrriterrrs at Hrrrádeček the following yearrr. The Václav Havel library prrresented a staged rrreading in a worrrld prrrremiere. More


PHOTO: Evening with Jan Sokol  02/05/16

Meeting with the philosopher, teacher and translator Jan Sokol focused on his new publications and taking place just days after he reaches the personal milestone of his 80th birthday.  More


PHOTO: Why Do We Need the National Gallery?  02/05/16

More than 30,000 people attended celebrations of the 220th anniversary of the foundation of the National Gallery in Prague. What is preventing the NG from always being such a draw? What is “national” about it? Does anybody believe any more that “the spirit of the nation can be elevated through works of art”? And do we have any need whatever for a large state art gallery? More


A Heart for Vaclav Havel  28/04/16

Sculpture by Lukáš Gavlovský and Roman Švejda "Heart for Václav Havel" will be officially presented on May 2nd, 6 pm at Columbia College in Chicago. The screening of the documentary film Life according to Václav Havel by Andrea Sedláčková will be a part of the evening. For more see invite.


Václav Havel: Politics and Conscience  21/04/16

Yesterday evening the exhibition Václav Havel: Politics and Conscience, prepared in connection with what would have been his 80th birthday, was ceremonially launched at the Czech Centre on Prague’s Rytířská St. The exhibition runs until 7 May 2016 and you are cordially invited!



31/05/16 19:00

(Russian) Propaganda & Disinformation In Ukraine: Current Challenges And Ways Forward Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

Two years from the outbreak of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea, Ukraine is still facing many challenges for its future development. What is the state of the media in Ukraine? How are Russian media, propaganda and disinformation campaigns influencing development in Ukraine, the building of institution and political and public debate? And how could Western communities and civil societies help to overcome these challenges? More

VHED Prague 20161601_havel